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Queensland Politics: Katter Party talks to government and opposition

Robbie Katter: Will he shirt-front the LNP?
ROB Katter is on his way to Brisbane and expects to hold talks with both sides of the political divide when he arrives.

THE Katter's Australian Party state leader was travelling to the city on Monday morning to meet with his colleague Shane Knuth.While he hadn't lined anything up, he said he was also open to having discussions with either Labor or the Liberal National Party in the wake of the cliffhanger election outcome.

Neither the ALP nor the LNP has yet secured the necessary 45 seats to form government.

The support of KAP and independent Peter Wellington may be needed to form a minority government.

"If someone wants to chat, we'll be happy to catch up with them," Mr Katter told 4BC radio.

"It's likely that we will probably talk to someone from either side of the fence."

Given the ongoing vote count, the Mount Isa MP conceded his party may not end up holding the balance of power.

"(But) all it takes is a scandal and a byelection," he quipped when asked about the narrow parliamentary numbers.

Mr Katter insisted KAP would be "colour blind" in any discussions with the major parties, despite a rocky relationship with the Newman LNP government.

"We're not going to hold a grudge," he said.

"We would hope there'd be a new leadership there because we certainly couldn't deal with that previous leadership team."

His comments come just an hour before LNP deputy leader Jeff Seeney is expected to step down from his position at a press conference.

It's believed Mr Seeney's resignation will help the wounded party clear the way for the election of new party leader after Campbell Newman lost his seat on Saturday.