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Queensland Politics: Independent Peter Wellington to be next state Speaker

He doesn't like the former Liberals, former Nationals or their latest reincarnation as the LNP.

They treated him like a dirty dog.  

They condemned him, harassed him and tried to portray him in the worst possible light.

But Peter Wellington has the hide of a rhinoceros and the memory of an elephant!

It should be a fun three years in Queensland politics.

Queensland independent MP Peter
 Wellington will be the new Labor
government's nominee
 for Speaker.
The Courier-Mail reports: QUEENSLAND'S independent kingmaker MP Peter Wellington will be the new Labor government's nominee for Speaker when state parliament is recalled next month.

PREMIER Annastacia Palaszczuk fronted the media on Friday to announce parliament would finally resume on March 24.

A close state election, horse-trading afterwards and then Cyclone Marcia have delayed the government's release of the parliament schedule.

"Peter is a man of integrity and he shares my commitment to our parliamentary processes," she said.

Mr Wellington said he was committed to ending confrontation and promoting dialogue.

"This is historic in my view, as an independent," he said. "It will an honour and a privilege."

Mr Wellington said he would allow TV cameras in the house again, which was banned by previous Speaker Fiona Simpson.

He said he would be fair to all members and he expects they will follow the standing orders.

"We all know the rules," Mr Wellington said.

"With the numbers so tight, everyone will be on the best behaviour."

The premier also said she would release the budget in July, two months earlier than the LNP government last year.

Ms Palaszczuk will return budget estimates hearings to a seven-day schedule.

The Newman government cut it to just two days.

Comment on Mr Wellington's nomination is being sought from the opposition.