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PUP votes would not change election result in Ferny Grove: Tully

Cr Paul Tully.
THE VOTES of disqualified PUP candidate Mark Taverner would not have changed the expected result in the seat of Ferny Grove.

The latest figures for the Ferny Grove seat on the ECQ website by QT deadline showed a two-party preferred count of 13,815 votes for the ALP and 13, 336 for the LNP.

Cr Paul Tully, an election expert, said Labor candidate Mark Furner's lead of 479 would still stand.

"There might be a trickle of PUP votes in there, possibly 50 to 100 votes, but not enough to substantially change the overall result," he said.

Even if the court were to look at the 959 PUP votes, the LNP would have had to secure over 70% of their preferences to get ahead of Labor - something which is not possible given the high exhaustion rates of PUP preferences at over 90%."

Cr Tully said the distribution of any PUP preferences, which would not have favoured Labor, is already included in the final two-party preferred vote.

"If anything, the LNP would go backwards a little - not ahead - if the PUP votes are not counted," he said.